Integrity Communications Group Launches New Website

By February 1, 2024Blog, News

Membership Plus is proud to be part of the dynamic Communication Division within Integrity Communications Group (ICG), and we are excited to celebrate the launch of the new ICG website. Within Membership Plus, we specialise in crafting customised membership solutions and managing a diverse spectrum of projects, ranging from digital membership cards and professional consultation to comprehensive communication services, encompassing print, mailing and harnessing our profound knowledge of the membership and communications sector. The synergy with the Communications Division further amplifies the impact of our services. This website launch is more than just a digital milestone—it’s a collaborative endeavour to reshape the perception, creation, and acquisition of membership solutions.

Meet the Communications Division Family

Within the Communications Division, Membership Plus collaborates with extraordinary sister brands, each offering unique solutions:

Integrity Connect: Backed with a highly experienced software development team, Connect offers solutions through print, email, SMS, and more.

Parking & Secure Documents: Operate in the parking services, road charging and emissions charging sectors.

TriPartum: Customer communications consultancy, producing and delivering solutions that optimise dynamic data-driven documents.

GPS: Holding a strong offering to the social housing sector, the team at GPS are able to support clients with web-to-print requirements and a variety of promotional products.

What is more, we also have close ties with our fellow companies within the Security Print division:

A1 Security Print Limited
– Our high security print and digital communications specialist. Provides high security documents, mailing and secure digital communication solutions to Governments Banks and the education sector. Exporting to over 40 countries.

Orion Print – Is a specialist security printer providing scratch off solutions to the parking and gaming sector, transportation tickets, Events tickets, parking management solutions and secure fulfilment services to the retail gifting markets.

Legacy of Excellence

Inheriting the rich legacy of ICG’s commitment to excellence, Membership Plus stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to upholding quality standards and spearheading innovation within our communication services. Far beyond being a mere collective, ICG emerges as a vibrant hub teeming with ideas and ground breaking innovations.

Collaborating alongside our sister brands, Membership Plus aspires to redefine the limits of communication possibilities. Our commitment spans from providing membership card solutions, orchestrating intricate print and mailing projects, providing design consultation services, delivering promotional products, and offering digital communication solutions for our customers.

This gives our membership customers greater reach to their current and target membership increasing member retention and promotion growth in new members.

We are steadfastly devoted to addressing every requirement with a seamless blend of efficiency and precision. The new group website encapsulates this spirit, serving as a dynamic showcase of our collective dedication to excellence and forward-thinking communication services.

Explore the group offering

Come and join us in celebrating this momentous occasion! Explore the all-new Integrity Communications Group website here –

Just like our fellow ICG family members, the Communications Division has more in store. Stay tuned for exciting updates, innovations, and collaborative endeavours that will reshape your experience!

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